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February 17, 2014

Dear Unicyclists,

It’s been a long time since Unicon 16 and Unicon 17 comes into sight. In Brixen the guys from unicycle.tv recorded tons of footage from all disciplines, the whole footage has a size of incredible 700 GB and has a very good video quality (1080p @ 25fps with 35-40 MBps). Jess Riegel made an exceptional documentary with that material. However, I realized a big pile of footage was untouched. In september 2013 I decided to look into it, because I (as a freestyler) was interessted in the routines from Unicon 16. The raw videos are great and it is a pity nobody breathed life into it. I m always looking forward to great freestyle videos and started editing right away.

Riders did an exceptional job and invested huge amounts of time to create that wonderful routines, for me it was only fair to invest the same dedication into editing the videos to match their quality. The best about the footage is that freestyle is filmed from two cameras and thus two perspectives, which raised investment for the post-processing but also offers fresh edits. I also got the original music by John Foss for a nice audio – thanks for that. I ended up doing the following edits:

  • Synching the two videos and the music
  • Picking nice starts and ends for each video
  • Cut out technical problems in the routines (e.g. when the music didn’t start)
  • Multi-camera editing: picking the best camera angle for each move
  • Cleaned up sound when possible (audience audio sometimes contained disturbing noises or was overcharged)
  • Matching colors. The two video sources come with different colors (depending on the in-house light). I matched them to make them look nice and play well together

One edit took at minimum one hour up to three hours per routine. I edited Individual Freestyle Expert male, Individual Freestyle Expert female, Pairs Freestyle Expert and the top three Group Experts. That makes a total of 38 routines (15,62 GB). I would consider it the best freestyle videos available on the planet so far, both from a riding the video editing perspective.

They are free to download on unicycle.tv. If you appreciate my work, please consider a donation at the end of the page. I thank you very much and heartly welcome your support.

Download Freestyle Videos on unicycle.tv



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