Unicon is the biennial unicycling world championships. This major event covers all facets of unicycling. Along with competitions in the  IUF unicycling disciplines there is also a major convention portion with workshops, cultural mashups, and social events.

The next Unicon will be be anounced soon.

Past Unicons

Unicon Year Location Results
Unicon XX 2022 Grenoble, France ZIP file
Unicon XIX 2018 Ansan, Korea ZIP file
Unicon XVIII 2016 Donostia, Spain ZIP file
Unicon XVII 2014 Montreal, Canada ZIP file
Unicon XVI 2012 Brixen, Italy ZIP file
Unicon XV 2009/2010 Wellington, New Zealand ZIP file
Unicon XIV 2008 Copenhagen, Denmark ZIP file
Unicon XIII 2006 Langenthal, Switzerland ZIP file
Unicon XII 2004 Tokyo, Japan ZIP file
Unicon XI 2002 North Bend, Washington, USA  
Unicon X 2000 Beijing, China  
Unicon IX 1998 Bottrop, Germany  
Unicon VIII 1996 Guildford, United Kingdom  
Unicon VII 1994 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA  
Unicon VI 1992 Quebec City, Quebec, Canada  
Unicon V 1991 Hull, Quebec, Canada  
Unicon IV 1988 Aquadilla, Puerto Rico  
Unicon III 1987 Tokyo, Japan  
Unicon II 1986 Uniondale, New York, USA  
Unicon I 1984 Syracuse, New York, USA