You can do a lot on just a unicycle and as such unicycling consists of a wide
variety of disciplines. The IUF disciplines are introduced here.


Freestyle is the artistic presentation of unicycling. Riders can use costumes, props and impressive riding to entertain an audience. Riders may use dance moves and acting synchronized to a track of carefully selected music to enhance their performance.


Flatland is a creative, always changing style of unicycling. Flatland consists of performing tricks on flat ground. Anything goes in flatland, from flipping and rolling over the cranks to performing difficult balance tricks, riders are encouraged to do a wide variety of skills and be innovative.


Street riders hit the city and use urban environments to perform their tricks. Riders typically do variations of spinning and flipping their unicycle down stairs and drops, along with grinding ledges and rails.


Higher and farther with big hops, gaps and drops: that is trials. Trials riders negotiate a difficult obstacle course consisting of technical moves like landing and riding across skinny rails and other surfaces.


Rushing down an off road trail is what Mountain Unicycling (muni) is all about. Riders ride quickly down mountains or maneuver carefully through rocky terrain. Muni can be done on a variety of terrain ranging from fire roads to technical single track.


Distance riding is a great way to explore the world. Many riders spend their holidays touring the world via unicycle. In competition, riders race for various distances such as the 10k and marathon (42k).


Faster, faster and faster. Unicyclists race common distances like 100m, 400m, 800m on an athletic track. There are a wide variety of races along with standard riding, such as wheel-walking and riding one footed.


Hockey puts the team spirit into unicycling. Hockey is an energetic game, where much action and tension takes place.


Playing basketball on a unicycle is quite interesting and beloved by the audience because it brings tension and fast changeovers.