The Trixionary is an online catalog to structure skills. Along with a trick many properties are saved, that describe each trick and also it’s relationship to other tricks. These relationships are very interessting and the graph is definitely a highlight of the Trixionary.

Features of the Trixionary:

  • Catalog tricks with the following properties:
    • Descriptive traits
      • Name and alternative names
      • A brief description
      • History of a trick
    • Movement traits
      • Detailed movement description with sequence picture
      • Start and end position
      • Cyclic or Acyclic movement
      • Translation and Rotation parameters
    • Relationships
      • Variations
      • Parents and Children
      • Multiples
      • Composite Tricks
    • Movement models
      • k-Struktur (Kassats action-effect relations)
      • Göhners function principle
  • Multimedia support
    • Pictures
    • Videos (Youtube and Vimeo integration)
    • Tutorials (as Videos)
  • Graph
  • Transitions
  • Group them in Structs