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  • January 9, 2024

    World Record Announcement

    We are pleased to announce new IUF World Record on Marathon Standard.

    The IUF World Record Committee has verified and acknowledged the world record of Gert-Jan De Vleeschouwer on a “standard” (29 Class) wheel on the marathon (42.195 km) in the male category.

    New record was set on November 1, 2023, in the marathon road race of Coupe de France de Monocycle near Herrlisheim (France), with time of 1:34:32.

    The previous World Record was set by Rolf Leonhardt from Germany in 2016, with a time of 1:40:40.

    Congratulations Gert-Jan

    Gert-Jan De Vleeschouwer setting World Record in Marthon Standard, Herrlisheim,France, November 1, 2023. Photo by: Claude Rebert

    IUF World Records are set in compliance of the IUF World Record Guidelines

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