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  • January 9, 2024

    World Record Announcement

    We are pleased to announce new IUF World Record on Marathon Standard.

    The IUF World Record Committee has verified and acknowledged the world record of Gert-Jan De Vleeschouwer on a “standard” (29 Class) wheel on the marathon (42.195 km) in the male category.

    New record was set on November 1, 2023, in the marathon road race of Coupe de France de Monocycle near Herrlisheim (France), with time of 1:34:32.

    The previous World Record was set by Rolf Leonhardt from Germany in 2016, with a time of 1:40:40.

    Congratulations Gert-Jan

    Gert-Jan De Vleeschouwer setting World Record in Marthon Standard, Herrlisheim,France, November 1, 2023. Photo by: Claude Rebert

    IUF World Records are set in compliance of the IUF World Record Guidelines

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  • March 27, 2023

    IUF Rulebook Committee 2022/2023

    After every Unicon, a new IUF Rulebook Committee is created. This committee works to develop the next version of the IUF Rulebook. If you wish to join the 2022/23 rulebook committee, this message is for you.

    The rulebook committee will be divided in sub-committees:

    • Main Committee
    • Freestyle
    • X-Style
    • Muni
    • Road Racing
    • Basketball
    • Hockey
    • Track
    • Flatland
    • Street
    • Trials
    • Jumps
    • Age Groups

    Inside each committee, knowledgeable people will submit proposals to edit, remove or add new rules. As these rules pass, they will be sent to the main committee where they will be approved, edited or sent back to the sub-committee.

    If you are interested to join the 2022/23 IUF Rulebook Committee, please fill out the form with the link below.

    Important dates:

    2 April 2023: committees begin discussions
    22 April 2023: last day to join one of the committees

    Additionally, there is a Skill Level Committee which works independently of the Rulebook Committee and has already started to work. You can also join it by following the same link above.

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  • March 27, 2023

    New squad of the IUF Board of Directors

    It is with pleasure to announce of recently elected new directors of the Federation. With two people leaving and four joining the board, it is a significant change of the squad. Before we welcome new members of the board I would like to thank the leaving members Ken Looi and Olaf Schlote. Both served to the Board of Directors for way over decade, Ken for 17 and Olaf for 15 years!!!

    Thank you Olaf and Ken for your long term and valuable service to the Federation and in general, to the unicycling community.

    The new Board members are: Joshua Ehrlich (USA), Mark Fabian (HU), Emma Kvist (DK) and Francois Wurmser (FR). Welcome on board.

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  • December 20, 2022

    IUF Board elections 2023

    Dear unicycling community,

    There have been difficult past few years. The Covid 19 took a great impact on the work of Federation, mostly by freezing our activities due to uncertainty of the future. We are gladly after another successful Unicon, and Covid is not an excuse anymore, but in this time the composition of IUF Board has dramatically changed. We are missing experienced IUF board members and in the close future we expect another few directors to leave.

    We all are busy individuals and sparing a time for Federation is often not easy. There is plenty work to be done, for what we need more hands, clever heads and understanding of community needs.

    Every two years we used to have elections for the IUF executive board and as always, we ask around if some of you are interested in becoming a Board member.

    You might ask yourself what it means to be a Board member, so here is a short explanation of what we do.

    The main tasks of the IUF are running the rulebook committee, developing the IUF software tools, hunting for possible upcoming Unicon hosts, negotiating with them to secure a good level of organization for all of you, listening to the different interest of all unicycling nations / streaming’s, developing our sport in other countries and many more small things that come around the corner. As we are a global team, all of this must be coordinated online and during virtual meetings we hold every 1 or 2 months to discuss all running tasks in detail. It should also be mentioned that this position is 100% unpaid, you invest all your skill and time to support the unicycling world. All this can be a great fun but also very annoying sometimes, as usually no decision makes everybody happy ?

    If you are interested in joining the board, send your application to until the 31 of January 2023.

    It should contain the following points:

    • Name
    • Age
    • Country
    • Disciplines
    • Interests
    • Uni events attended/organized
    • Uni organization you are a part of
    • Why you are good candidate

    We are looking forward to your application. Once we received it, you will get an email from us to confirm the receipt of your application.

    Best regards

    Maksym Siegienczuk
    IUF President

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  • December 10, 2022

    World Records Announcement

    We are pleased to announce new IUF World Records.

    IUF Slalom

    Mathias Bracke from Belgium set a new IUF World Record in the discipline of IUF Slalom, with a time of 17.32 seconds performed during Einrad Cup Münsterland in Warendorf, Germany on September 10, 2022.

    The former male World Record holder was Gert-Jan De Vleeschouwer, also from Belgium, who has held the record of 17.59 seconds since 2018.

    Mathias Bracke setting World Record in IUF Slalom, Warendorf, Germany, September 10, 2022

    30m Wheelwalk

    Ryosuke Bansai from Japan set new IUF World Record in the discipline of 30 meter Wheelwalk with the time of 6.47 seconds, performed during Unicon 20 on 5 August 2022 in Grenoble, France.

    The previous record was held by Yunsung Park from Korean Republic, with a time of 7.071 seconds, performed in 2016.

    Ryosuke Bansai setting World Record in 30m Wheelwalk, Grenoble, France, August 5, 2022

    50m Onefoot

    Misaki Uchida from Japan set new IUF World Record in the discipline of 50 Onefoot with the time of 7.22 seconds, performed during Unicon 20 on 5 August 2022 in Grenoble, France.

    The previous record was held by Niklas Wojtek from Germany, with a time of 7.582 seconds, performed in 2016.

    Misaki Uchida setting World Record in 50m Onefoot, Grenoble, France, August 5, 2022

    Congratulations to Mathias, Ryosuke and Misaki!

    Currently, as reported by IUF World Record Committee there are another 3 pending records performed during Unicon 20.

    IUF World Records are set in compliance of the IUF World Record Guidelines

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