IUF World Records

Standard Track Record


Male: Niklas Wojtek (Germany) 12.473s Nottwil, Switzerland, 10. June 2018

Female: Asahi Takada (Japan) 13.257s Montreal Canada. 6 August 2014


Male: Seisuke Kobayashi (Japan) 54.539s Brixen, Italy. 26 July 2012.

Female: Asahi Takada (Japan) 57.625s Brixen, Italy. 26 July 2012.


Male: Noah Leber (Germany) 1min57.327s. Nottwil, Switzerland. 18 June 2017

Female: Alina Czimek (Germany) 2min02.165s. Donostia, Spain. August 2016

30m Wheel Walk

Male: Ryosuke Bansai (Japan) 6.47s Grenoble, France. 5 August 2022.

Female: Ayane Bansai (Japan) 6.707s Donostia, Spain, August 2016

50m 1 foot

Male: Misaki Uchida (Japan) 7.22s Grenoble, France. 5 August 2022

Female: Lisa-Maria Hanny (Germany) 7.74s Eggenfelden, Germany 11 July 2015

IUF Slalom

Male: Mathias Bracke (Belgium) 17.32s Warendorf, Germany 10 September 2022

Female: Mirjam Lips (Switzerland) 17,90s Zuffenhausen, Germany 30 September 2017


Road Racing Records

10km unlimited

Male: Simon Jan (France) 18min16.41s Montrond Les Bains, France, 31. October 2019 (Geared 36″)

Female: Jana Tenambergen (Germany) 20min06.957s Donostia, Spain, August 2016 (Geared 29″)

10km standard

Male: Christoph Hartmann (Germany) 27min54.859s. Montreal, Canada. 2 August 2014

Female: Alina Czimek (Germany) 28min44.926s. Donostia, Spain, August 2016

Marathon unlimited

Male: Timo Hirschmann (Germany) 1hr13min24s. Schipkau, Germany. 11 May 2024 (Geared 36″)

Female: Jana Tenambergen (Germany) 1hr29min36.727s. Donostia, Spain. August 2016 (Geared 29″)

Marathon standard

Male: Gert-Jan De Vleeschouwer (Belgium) 1hr34min32s. Herrlisheim-près-Colmar, France, 1 November 2023 (29″ wheel, 75mm cranks)

Female: Asahi Takada (Japan) 1hr45min55.911s. Montreal, Canada. 10 August 2014 (28″ wheel, 65mm cranks)


Time Trial Records

1hr Unlimited

Male: Simon Jan (France) 33.365km Dol-de-Bretagne, France 10 October 2021

Female: Jana Tenambergen (Germany) 33.186km Dudenhofen, Germany 1 May 2020

24hr Unlimited

Male: Sam Wakeling (UK) 453.8km* Aberystwyth Wales/UK 29/30 September 2007 (Ungeared 36″/90mm&102mm)

Female: Mirjam Lips (Switzerland) 312km. Pocking Germany 15/16 Sept 2016 (29″ wheel, geared Hub, 125mm cranks)

100km unlimited

Male: Sam Wakeling (UK) 3h37m45s Darlington/UK 09 July 2015 (geared 36″/145mm Cranks)

Female: Mirjam Lips (Switzerland) 3h45m53s. Emmen Switzerland 19 Sept 2020 (32″ wheel, geared hub, 130mm cranks)


100mile unlimited

Male: Sam Wakeling (UK) 6h18m39s Darlington/UK 09 Juli 2015 (geared 36″/145mm Cranks)

Female: Mirjam Lips (Switzerland) 7h53m19s. Pocking Germany 17 Sept 2017 (29″ wheel, geared Hub, 125mm cranks)


Artistic and Technical Records

High Jump over the bar

Male: Mike Taylor (UK) 1.42m. Donostia, Spain. August 2016

Female: Maria Wegscheider (Austria) 0.91m. Kornwestheim, Germany 1. June 2014

Long Jump

Male: Oskar Rytter (Denmark) 4.30m. Montreal, Canada. August 2014

Female: Lisa-Maria Hanny (Germany) 3.35m, Warendorf, Germany, 16. June 2018

High Jump on Platform

Male: Mike Taylor 1,48,5m. Ansan, Korea, 3rd of August 2018

Female: Maria Wegscheider (Austria) 0,89m, Donostia, Spain, July 2016

Long Jump on Platform

Male: Johannes Baumkirchner (Austria) 3,00m. Donostia, Spain, July 2016

Female: Ebony O’Dea (Australia) 2,40m, Donostia, Spain, July 2016


Miscellaneous Records

Rope Skipping (1min)

Male: Qiu Hongying (China) 220 jumps* Bejing (China) 19 August 2011

Female: Amy Shields (USA) 215 jumps*



Additional records that are from commonly-held disciplines, but are however not yet included in the official IUF World Record Guidelines



Male: Maël Robert (France) 1h3min7s Grenoble, France, 31. October 2021

Female: Ana Schrödinger (Germany) 1h49min8.37s Sittard-Geleen, Netherlands 30. July 2017

Slow Forward

Male: Baptiste Albert (France) 186.33s Donostia, Spain August 2016

Female: Julia Sandner (Germany) 183.1s Grenoble, France 6. August 2022

Slow Backward

Male: York Beese (Germany)  63.08s Sittard, Netherlands August 2017

Female: Ana Schrödinger (Germany) 189.79s Donostia, Spain August 2016

4×100 Meter Relay

Rider: Niklas Wojtek, Noah Leber, Simon Rodler, Andreas Richter (Germany) 50.71s Sittard-Geleen, Netherlands 1. August 2017

200 Meter

Male: Niklas Wojtek (Germany) 25.489s Nottwil, Switzerland 10 June 2018

Female: Jolin Klein (Germany) 27.87s Altötting, Germany 4 June 2023

Track Gliding

Male: Daiki Izumeda (Japan) 119.65m* Tokyo, Japan 2004

Female: Alina Czimek (Germany) 111.35m* Germany DM 2011

Track Coasting

Male: Knut Steffens (Germany) 177.6m Donostia, Spain July 2016

Female: Lisa-Maria Hanny (Germany) 173.98m Illertissen, Germany 14. July 2017

Records marked with a * were completed before the IUF World Record Guidelines were created 2011 and/or thus cannot be verified according to the current rules. They were, however, completed under strict conditions, and are therefore included here. These were set according to different standards of documentation and rules which may no longer be applicable. The IUF provides these for historical interest. If you are a holder of one of these records, and believe it fits the current IUF World Record guidelines, you may submit evidence for recognition as an official IUF world record.