World Records

IUF world records

The IUF established a world record committee in 2010 to manage unicycling records. Prior to this, unicycling records were held by organisations such as Guinness World Records, or claimed ‘unofficially’ and promoted as fact. This caused great confusion as rules were inconsistent, arbitrary, and/or made by non-unicycling bodies.

IUF World Record committee

—current members: Klaas Bil (NE), Scott Wilton (USA), Mirjam Lips (CH), Simon Jan (FR)


The goals of the IUF World Record Committee are:

1) To establish general parameters for setting a record (measurement, witnesses, documentation)

2) To establish event-specific rules for world records

3) To establish which records the IUF will recognise

4) To establish officers/representatives to approve and certify records, and to maintain the records database

5) To document IUF unicycling records on the IUF website

6) To provide recognition once a world record is achieved

The IUF WR Committee has completed goals 1, 2 and 3, which is set out in the IUF World Record Guidelines 2011 (below).

We are in the process of fulfilling goals 4, 5 and 6 over the coming months

IUF World Record Guidelines 2011

These are the current World Record Guidelines:

IUF World Record Guidelines 2011

Please familiarise yourself with this document before attempting any world record.

Claiming a world record

It is recommended that you CONTACT the World Record committee several weeks prior to attempting an IUF World Record, in order to ensure that documentation and measurement criteria will be met. Once a record has been made, you will need to send in evidence (witness statements, measurements, photos/videos) to a certifying member of the world record committee. If a record is approved as an official IUF World Record, you will be sent an official IUF World Record certificate for your achievement, and the record updated on the IUF World Record database.

List of IUF world records

–This is the official list of World Records that is verified using 2011 World Record Guidelines.