Unicon 17

May 31, 2014

Hello fellow unicyclists,

With the closing of the Unicon 17 registration system coming soon, your dear organizers would like to take a moment to make some important reminders. If you have to read one newsletter from us, it is definitely this one… but you should still have a look at the first 10!


In order to give you more time to check and edit your registration profiles if necessary, we decided to extend the last registration period until June 14th, midnight Montréal Time.

After this date, you will no longer be able to register for the event or update your registration information (personal information, competitions information). Remember that the date of birth provided will determine your age group for the events you compete in. Since no major updates to your registration will be accepted on site during Unicon, this is your last chance to register or withdraw from competitions.


The Unicon 17 website has been updated with the official IUF and Unicon 17 rules for easy reference. It is very important that you take a moment to read about those rules and comply with them during your competitions. Not wearing the required protection or not having the appropriate unicycle for your competition could lead to you being disqualified.


Age groups for Track and Field, Road Racing, Freestyle, Trials, Speed Trials and Jumps will be determined after analyzing registrations. Preliminary startlists for these disciplines should be available shortly after the closing of the online registration. Please note that Muni, Team Sports, Street, Flatland and Slopestyle Street have categories independent from age groups and are therefore already determined by the 2013 Competition Rulebook.


We strongly suggest that you take the time to visit the Unicon 17 schedule on our website to be familiar with the latest changes that might have occurred in your disciplines.


We invite people who are still looking for cheap lodging to check out our newsletter regarding the official accommodation center. There are about 40 spots still available.

We would like to remind participants who will be experiencing the most extraordinary atmosphere of a Unicon, namely our accommodation center, that camp beds are available to rent for the duration of your stay to make it even more unforgettable.


It is with great pleasure that we are unveiling the design of the Unicon 17 transit passes created in partnership with the Société de transport de Montréal. For those who proudly decided to go green this summer, this special card, named Rendez-vous Montréal, is a unique souvenir to bring back from your visit to Montréal.
You can now buy multiple passes with one registration! This means that parents and friends traveling with you to Montreal can now have access to this great discount through you! Add as many passes as you like and let them experience your host city like true Montréalers by discovering the city’s underground networks and its efficient bus system in comfort and speed.

This transit pass grants you access to the STM network (buses and subways) for a duration of 14 days and is available on our registration website at a discounted price only available for Unicon 17 participants. These transit passes will NOT be available on site at this discounted price, so don’t miss this chance to explore Montréal at your own pace at this incredibly low price of $34.50 CAD (including taxes and Unicon administration fees)!
Please note that the STM is granting all Unicon participants access to the whole Montreal public transport system at all times, with the condition that the unicycles are inside unicycle bags. If your unicycles are not carried in a proper bag, you will not be able to take the buses with it at anytime or use the subways during the rush hours. The rush hours are from the opening of the metro to 10.00, and from 15.00 to 19.00, during the weekdays.

Follow the links, check your registration profile and start packing your stuff for the biggest unicycle event of the year… two months to go.

Ride on,

The Unicon 17 Organization Team


  1. June 28, 2014
    Mohau Eliah Mosaase

    Ooh i missed the whole exciting event of my life,hw would i get there next tym?

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