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  • April 13, 2019

    Unicon 20 in 2020

    It’s been a while since our last update about Unicon 20 – we would have loved to send you an update earlier, but we also didn’t want to push rumors. However, now we are very glad to finally announce the official location for Unicon 20! 🙂

    Unicon 20 will take place in Summer 2020 in Grenoble, France, and will be hosted by the CNM and UNSLL. We are already looking forward to another amazing Unicon with all of you and would also like to thank everyone working hard to organize the event. Further information will follow soon!

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  • January 11, 2019

    IUF Board election 2019

    Dear unicycling community,

    We hope you all arrived in 2019 well and would like to wish you all the best for this new year!

    Every two years we also have elections for the IUF executive board and as always, we ask around if some of you are interested in becoming a Board member. 

    You might ask yourself what it means to be a Board member, so here is a short explanation of what we do.

    The main tasks of the IUF are running the rulebook committee, developing the IUF software tools, hunting for possible upcoming Unicon hosts, negotiating with them to secure a good level of organization for all of you, listening to the different interest of all unicycling nations / streaming’s, developing our sport in other countries and many more small things that come around the corner. As we are a global team, all of this must be coordinated online and during virtual meetings we hold every 1 or 2 months to discuss all running tasks in detail. It should also be mentioned that this position is 100% unpaid, you invest all your skill and time to support the unicycling world. All this can be a great fun but also very annoying sometimes, as usually no decision makes everybody happy 😉

    If you still think that are interested in joining the board, send your application to until the first of March.

    It should contain the following points:

    • Name
    • Age
    • Country
    • Disciplines
    • Interests
    • Uni events attended/organized
    • Uni organization you are a part of
    • Why you are good candidate

    We are looking forward to your application. Once we received it, you will get an email from us to confirm the receipt of your application.

    Best regards

    Olaf Schlote
    IUF President

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  • November 12, 2018

    EUC 2019 is coming closer

    Hello unicyclists!

    Less than 9 months are left until ECU 2019!

    As last year, the European Unicycling Championships will be held in the Netherlands, in Sittard-Geleen to be precise. It will take place from 25th of July until 4th of August 2019. Alwin Jacobs and the core team are working hard every day to make this great event possible.

    A lot of things stay the same as last year, for example:

    • Swiss Timing team, a great location for track racing and IUF Slalom
    • Tom Dumoulin bike park for 10k
    • Wood15 for Urban events
    • Stadtsportshaal for Basket
    • location for muni
    • Fitland area for registration, freestyle, cyclocross,…
    • lodging in Fitland

    We have also made some changes and improvements:

    • Marathon will take place on the amazing Zolder race circuit
    • Hockey moves to the sports hall in the City Resort (Fitland)
    • The camper area is a little bit further away than last time but it will allow more than 50 campers.

    We are very happy to welcome a lot of competitors (and non-competitors) in the Netherlands next year! Also non-european competitors are welcome to register and participate in the competitions. Be aware that as a non-european competitor you cannot get into a final, however you will get age group medals!

    For more information please check out our website:

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via

    See you soon in Sittard-Geleen!

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  • June 27, 2018

    Even more new World Records

    Beside the already announced new World Records, Niklas Wojtek from Germany set a new World Record in 100 and 200 meter Track Race.

    The 100m world record was set in 2006 during the UNICON XIIV in Langenthal, Switzerland (12.54 sec). He set a new world record for the 100m at 12.473 seconds.
    The 200m world record was set in 2017 during the race competition in Nottwil, Switzerland (25.662 sec). He set a new world record for the 200m at 25.489 seconds.

    Congratulation Niklas, especialy for braking the 12 years old 100m Wolrd Record done by Seisuke Kobayashi (Japan).

    Both World Records was set in Nottwil, Switzerland on the 9th and 10th of June 2018

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  • June 20, 2018

    New World Records set in Switzerland and Germany

    Congratulations to Lisa Maria Hanny and Gert Jan de Vleeschouwer!!!

    Lisa, who is keeping the existing record already, set a new World record in Long jumps 2 times inner 1 week. She jump 3,30 meter in Nottwil, Switzerland on the 9th of June and then finaly 3,35 meter in Warendorf, Germany while the German Championships. Jan beat his own World record in IUF Slalom with 17,59 seconds by 0,01 second in Nottwill, Switzerland.

    There are some rumors that 100 and 200 meter World records was also set to a new level in Nottwil but we are still waiting for the final confirmation. The 100 meter record was not broken since 2006.

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  • January 31, 2018

    LAUCC 2018

    The IUF is proud to announce the 8th edition of LAUCC!!!

    LAUCC is the regional unicycle event in Latin America, uniting riders from the entire continent, passing across a few countries as Costarica, Mexico, Colombia Peru, Chile and Ecuador in the past editions. In this 8th event, Quito will host the competition; Ecuador for second time will receive the best riders of South and Central America in the disciplines of trial, street, flatland and downhill.
    The Latin American Unicycle Championship and Convention, is a chance for all the riders and non-riders, for meeting new people doing what they love to do, unicycling. With activities, workshops and competitions, LAUCC yearly increase the unicycle community in this continent.
    The support of the international and national brands plus the great efforts of the Latin American unicycle community are giving as a result, the 8th edition of this event that will every year grow and improve.
    LAUCC Quito is official, from the 6th to the 13th of April in Quito this 2018, an event made by Latin American riders for the entire world.

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  • August 10, 2017

    ECU in Sittard / Netherlands – New World Records

    The European Championship is over and it was an amazing event. Thanks to the organizing team for all their work!
    During ECU some new World Records were set.

    Our congratulation to:

    Gert-Jan De Vleeschouwer – IUF Slalom – 17.60s
    Niklas Wojtek, Simon Rodler, Andreas Richter, Noah Leber – 4×100 Meter – 50.71s
    Ana Schr̦dinger РStillstand Р1h 49min 08.37s
    Ana Schr̦dinger РSlow Forward Р2min 56s 02
    York Beese – Slow Backwards – 1min 03s 08
    Lisa Maria Hanny – Long Jump – 327cm

    Thanks to IUF World Records Committee member Mirjam Lips for reporting all of these records.

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  • July 30, 2016

    First World Records during Unicon 18

    Yesterday we got the first new World Records in Donostia, congratulations to the riders! Here are the new records and who did them:
    Track Coasting:
    Male: Knut Steffens (Germany) 177.6m Donostia, Spain July 2016
    Female: Lisa-Maria Hanny (Germany) 170.3m Donostia, Spain July 2016

    1hr Unlimited
    Female: Mirjam Lips (Switzerland) 27.027km Donostia, Spain July 2016

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