New Freestyle Competition: X-Style


Got a cool Trick? Show it!

Felix and gossi are developing a new competition for freestylers. It’s all about skills, neither dismounts nor presentation are judged. This creates space for new, unfinished, risky and unsafe skills, which are just too fresh to show in a freestyle competition. Other riders should get inspired instantly. This new discipline finally allows to show off those skills in competition.

New skills? Old skills in new variations? Show some extraordinary skills in new and unseen combinations, aiming the highest possible niveau. Not the Hopping on Wheel everybody knows, but the Hopping on Wheel where arms touch the tire and feet grab the seat. Surprise the audience, so their minds are still blown away two hours after the competition has finished.

Each rider got 2 minutes for his run. Dismounts and mistakes are ignored. Each participant is rider and judge at the same time.

As the competition is still under development, we need many great ideas.

X-Style at Recent Conventions

We are happy to announce, X-Style is present at two major freestyle comptitions in may:

  1. Eurocycle (9. – 12.): X-Style will run on Sat, 11th during 17.30 and 20.00
  2. German Gymnastics Festival (18. – 25.): X-Style will run on Sun, 19. starting at 19.30

We hope many of you take the opportunity to hit the stage on these conventions. It would be really nice of you to send us an email, so we can better plan this (

X-Style in America

We are also happy to say, that Dave (main organizer of NAUCC) is committed to have this competition at NAUCC, too. At the moment they are looking for a proper location and timeslot. If you are dared to X-Style as we are and going to NAUCC, please support them with that competition, they are looking for a helping hand, too.

X-Style in your Location?

In your own club? Next unicycle meetup? Next competition? Just send the organizers an email, you would like to have X-Style there (I just did this myself by sending an email to Dave). Or organize it on your own, it’s very simple. We have everything prepared for you. Documents are in the IUF Cloud.

Further Development of X-Style

Although this is the first public release of X-Style, we are very much committed to this type of competition. You can expect that we are spreading X-Style to the rest of the world. The early feedback we gathered was very positive and will drive us through our journey.

Love Unicycling and its People

Actually, this is part of my personal story with X-Style. I send an email to Matthias Gauler (artistic organizer for Eurocycle) and asked him whether we can try X-Style there. Long forgotten about the email I send, I got the reply with the overwhelming news, they were able to free a slot for X-Style during Prime Time!

Second is my email conversation with Dave (NAUCC organizer) about adding X-Style to NAUCC. I had a bunch of emails back and forth and since the first email he showed very high commitment to X-Style with questions about what’s the proper way to put X-Style on schedule and about the competition and unicycling itself.

Basically, my emails were too late for both conventions to properly plan it. However both managed to include X-Style in their conventions to give an ear for new ideas and developments from riders. That’s the commitment we need for unicycling, to drive the sport, to develop it, to grow it. Thanks both for that.