IUF Rulebook in new format – We need help!

June 20, 2013

Hello everybody,

we are in the process of porting the IUF rulebook to the LaTeX format and host it on GitHub (https://github.com/iuf/rulebook). This has a lot of advantages which we will not mention right now. We just need your help. The next step is a verification of our port of the 2012 rulebook. If this is ok, we will start on including the changes of the latest rulebook committee.

Here is the original 2012 IUF rulebook: https://unicycling.org/files/IUF_Rules_2012_english.pdf
And here is the new version (still 2012): https://unicycling.org/files/iuf-rulebook-2012-new.pdf

If you want to help, choose one or more parts, go through both rulebooks, paragraph by paragraph, and check these points:
– Is all the content there and at the right place (right section/numbering)?
– Is the formatting done right?
– Are all the graphics there?
– Is there something strange / any other suggestions?

If you found an issue, you can directly report it on GitHub. Here is what you need to do:
– Get a GitHub Account and sign in (https://github.com/)
– Browse to the IUF rulebook repository (https://github.com/iuf/rulebook)
– Click on “Issues” (https://github.com/iuf/rulebook/issues)
– For every issue you want to report, click “New Issue” (https://github.com/iuf/rulebook/issues/new)
– Enter a title and a description and click “Submit new issue”
– Be happy, because you made unicycling a bit better

You can start right away and report issues. Please tell in the comments on which part of the rulebook you are working. If you have any question, ask in the comments.

Thanks a lot for helping creating the new rulebook!