Preliminary Rulebook 2013 Available

July 9, 2013

Hello everybody,

today we are ready to provide you the result of some peoples hard work over the last month. The 2013 Rulebook is ready as prelim version so we need your help to check it for mistakes / missing proposals / bad english ….
As the first step was to port the 2012 rulebook into the Github and so into Latex, it would be great if you check the 2012 Version or at least check the not changed rules if they are still correct. To move the 2012 rulebook into Latex means a lot of sleepless nights and so there could be some errors even we dont find them so far. To get the links to all Versions we have ready now (2012 rules in Latex, 2013 rules draft in Latex, 2013 rules with changes highlighted in Latex) you can go just straight to the Github:

or pick the links here

An overview about the current state:

As you can see, Latex means for you nothing strange or difficult, the Github convert the rulebook into PDF so everybody can easy read it. The actual format / layout is not the final one but we focus on finishing the rules and then go for layout details in a second step, also translation features will be added in a second step. So please check at least your own proposals or even better the complete book and report us all errors you find. Some parts are also reorganized like Flat and Street for example so dont be surprised if you miss some stuff. Search for it and if you realy don’t find it, report it to us. Those reorganizations was needed to make some chapters much more easy to read and understand. We have now 10 seperated chapters and each should be able to exist alone / toghether with chapter 1 which count in general.
It would be great to get your feedback inner the next 2 weeks to have a final version ready as soon as possible.

Many thanks again to all committee members and to the small crew that merge the new rulebook together to have it ready in time for the Unicon registration.