IUF Event Calendar

April 7, 2013

Since last weekend we have the IUF Event Calendar (unicycling.org/event) online and already filled with a lot of interesting conventions. This Calendar will provide you one source to check out all events arround the world, getting all informations arround them and easy add those, you plan to join, to your google or Outlook calendar, import it via ICal, post it on FB, place it on Google+ or Twitter it. Actually you find one Calendar sortable by diciplines, one sortable by Regions and a list and map view. We will improove this calendar step by step but we need YOU to place all events there. It can also be a big help to prevent a host from running in conflicts with another event he didn’t know about. We will add a third Calendar soon espacially for planning events in the next year to place planned data and check for conflicts. As more everybody use it, as better it will work. You can use your IUF account data to login and place an event. Please check always before if it is maybe already added. If you find your event already there but miss some information, just contact us and send us the missing information. We are looking forward for your comments and ideas to make it better and better. Please spread this link arround to all unicyclist.