Skill Level Prototypes, Final Sprint

September 4, 2011

Hey guys,

we got another lot of Feedback and are about to release the next prototypes. If there is not much negative feedback on them, we consider them as final versions.

Here they are:

Freestyle (German) – (Graph) – (Graph print)

Jamey’s prototype didn’t change since the last publication. They can be understand as an update to the ancient skill levels with a recommendation to use the new one as the situation in germany has proven they can raise damage to the user. Check the old post for them.

Really cool support from really cool People: Shaun Johaneson and Kelly Hickman are supporting the skill levels with their new company Relentless by Fate. Check out their page, they have a damn lot tutorials right there, that bring you into flatland and street riding. Independently from us, they share the same opinions and background knowledge about how individuals can learn street and flatland. They agreed to align this more with the skill levels. We need to look out for the appropriate changes in the future, but I’m happy they joined in and can’t wait working with them. Thanks very much guys.

Please send feedback:

Discussion at RSU
Newspost auf
Diskussion im deutschen Forum (German)

Thanks very much.