Newsletter November 2011

November 16, 2011

Dear unicyclists,

Unicon16 will take place in less than a year. We are quite excited already. Today, we would like to update you some news and organizational issues.

Enjoy reading and feel free to send us some Feedback.

We hope to see you all at Unicon16 in Brixen!

Take care,

the IUF Newsletter Team



  1. Unicon 16 & World Championship
  2. IUF Membership Information
  3. UNICON 17 Bid Process
  4. International Event Calendar


Unicon16 & World Championship

by: David Weichenberger (Organization Committee)


Unicon16 is a huge unicyclist convention for the whole world, a joyful unicycle festival. Unicon16 brings all aspects of unicycling together in one place: Brixen, Italy.

Here, you will get to know unicyclists from foreign nations, ride together, and play together. The exchange of the different aspects of unicycling is important to us and at Unicon16 there will be lots of time and room for it.

Unicon16 is an event for all unicyclists. You are very welcome to put in your ideas and make it the greatest festival you can imagine.

Unicon16 can only take place with your help. Get involved now by writing an email to us at .

Unicycle World Championship

The Unicycle World Championships will be held as part of Unicon16. Following IUF rules, many different unicycling competitions will take place. The winners of each category will be the new world champions.


We have an all-time registration record for Unicons already. While I am writing this, the number of registered participants is over 1500, of which over two thirds are competitors. That’s twice as much as Unicon 15.

Depending on when you are signing up for Unicon16, prices will vary.

It will help us organize a lot, if you register early. Therefore, it is cheaper the earlier you register. Until December, it is €200 for competitors and €100 for non-competitors to register.

In order to make your decision easy, we will pay you back the fee in case you register and decide not to attend Unicon16 until April 30th 2012.

We are looking forward to host a big Unicon. Thank you 1500 times.

Click here to register:

Read more about registration on our Website.


IUF Membership Information

by: Ryan Woessner (IUF President)

Alongside registration for UNICON XVI, the IUF is excited to announce a new membership program.  While membership fees have been collected in the past, our new program will help bring unicyclists together from all over the world. Some highlights of the program:

  • Each individual membership will cost 10 Euro and will last for a two-year period.
  • Membership is open to any one.
  • Any competitor or non-competitor wishing to participate in UNICON will be required to be members of the IUF.
  • Membership dues are collected on our website (, which can be accessed via the UNICON XVI Registration Form.
  • Individuals not registering for UNICON XVI may become members of the IUF on our website (


Your membership fee allows for:

  • Seed money for UNICON hosts;
  • Development of unicycling around the world;
  • Furtherance of the convention aspect of UNICON;
  • Creation of an IUF Publication;
  • Directors & Officers Insurance for the Executive Board;
  • Expansion of online resources and database.


Upon becoming a member of the IUF, an individual will:

  • Be able to participate in UNICON (if qualified through country method) and other IUF-sponsored events;
  • Receive a quarterly electronic newsletter;
  • Obtain a IUF Membership card and ID;
  • Gain access to a personalized page on the IUF website;
  • Connect with unicyclists from around the world through an international resource database;
  • Test for the International Unicycling Federation Skill Levels;
  • Support the development and growth of unicycling around the world.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact IUF President, Ryan Woessner, at  The IUF very much looks forward to continuing the expansion of unicycling around the world through the financial support of unicyclists.


UNICON 17 Bid Process

by: Ryan Woessner (IUF President)

Every two years, the International Unicycling Federation, along with a selected national organizing committee, sponsors UNICON, the World Championships and Convention of Unicycling.  UNICON is the largest gathering of unicyclists in the world.  Since 2000, the number of participants wishing to partake in UNICON events has skyrocketed, with over 2,000 individuals expected in Italy next summer.  The summer of 2014 will mark the 17th time unicyclists from around the globe will gather with the purpose of expanding the sport of unicycling to more nations.

Organizing a UNICON is extremely time-intensive.  Because of this, the IUF Executive Committee recommends that Candidate Countries develop an organizing committee that contains a multitude of individuals from both the host country as well as other international volunteers.  Additionally, the IUF is here to help you develop ideas and initiate the bid process.  If you are interested in hosting UNICON XVII during the summer of 2014, please submit a bid to the IUF Executive Board by 1 January 2012.

Any national organization or host committee may bid for UNICON XVII.  This includes North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Oceana and Europe.  Please note that since UNICON XVI will be held in Europe (Italy), the IUF Executive Committee will consider diversifying continents depending on the number of candidate countries as of 1 January 2012. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact IUF President Ryan Woessner via email,, at any time.


International Event Calendar

by: Olaf Schlote (IUF Director)

Originally, I planned to list all events I can get information about and ask around to collect the needed data. Soon I saw, though, that I couldn’t get a lot of useful information because many events are not placed yet or the organizers do not spread the word internationally. This brought me back to an idea we had when realizing late, that EUC 2011 summer edition and NAUCC 2011 were placed at the same weekend. This might not sound like a big problem because one took place in Hungary and the other in the USA, but it affected several riders’ plans. Today, a lot of riders travel a far way in order to take part in good conventions.

So me and a lot of other riders agreed, that there is a need to set up an international convention calendar which is online and accessible by all riders and editable by all organizers. In this calendar, you should be able to sort events by country and by discipline. You should be able to get a short description to each event and find a link to the event website. Best case scenario would be to provide all the information for an event and register right at that website.

In order to realize this project now, we need some good developers to get it started. We already have a sponsor for webspace and a domain. As often though, a lot of people want to use it, but it’s hard to find people who want to develop and run it. However, there is a need to do it. If you can imagine being in the team that creates the calendar, please send me an email:


As for now, here’s a list of upcoming international events:

Winter EUC (Trial, Street, Flat)
Germany, 20.-22. January 2012

SUCK IV (Muni, Trial, Flat)
Slovenia, 28./29. April 2012

Mondo (Juggling, Unicycling)
USA , April 2012

CUT (Muni, Trial, Flat)

Samobor, Croatia, 17.-20. May 2012

NAUCC (US Nationals)

USA, probably 10.-15. July 2012

Salzkammergut Trophy (Downhill and Long Distance XC)

Bad Goisern, Austria, one week before Unicon16

Unicon16 (World Championships and Convention)