Skill Level Prototypes, Lap 5

Hey everybody,

the Skill Level Development Committee has taken a break over the last month but we are back and happy to continue with our work towards new Skill Levels. We will continue with releasing prototypes.

We love your Feedback

We love your feedback and it is a pleasure to receive it. We are listening to it, discuss it and merge your ideas into our process. Recently we have received feedback not regarding the contents of the prototypes but the design they are presented. Along with it was an advise to release the prototypes in a table design, so people are able to instantly see the differences across all prototypes. We now present the prototypes in 3 different designs, which I will talk about:

The prototypes presentation

As said, we have 3 different presentation design, which are: List, Map/Graph and our new one Table. I would like to give you a little overview on them:


You are already in favor with this design. This has been used by the old Skill Levels form 1998 and deserves well for this purpose. This will be the design you present in gyms to unicyclists, mail around or publish on websites.


This is actually my personal favorite design. It shows the connection between the levels. It’s easy to see which trick leads to which successive trick. This was originally developed as an experiment on the Trixionary. Click on the “Vollbild” button on the right to see the full trick graph. Play around with the graph, zoom and pan and enjoy the unicycling trick land. (Disclaimer: The Trixionary does not contain every trick). A highlighter for the skill level tricks is planned.


The table design is especially crafted for the skill level development process. You can instantly see, which prototype contains which set of skills and how it compares to others. Very good.


If you have other ideas, please let us know or try it on your own and send us your result.


Hands on the prototypes, here they are:

Skill Level Prototypes as Table
Skill Level Prototypes as Table German Version


Extreme III


Freestyle Levels IV – (German) – (Graph) – (Graph print version)
Freestyle Levels V
– (German) – (Graph) – (Graph print version)
Freestyle Levels VI
– (German) – (Graph) – (Graph print version)


In the meantime Jamey Mossengren came up with a new prototype. That’s mainly dependend on the skill levels from 1998 but put in new and modern tricks, as he said. Check out his prototype:

Prototype-F – (German)

Send Feeeeedback

We are pleased to receive the feedback we love from you until 15th of May.

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