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February 14, 2011

Dear Friends of the IUF,

I hope that you are all enjoying a great start to 2011. I am very excited to announce that beginning in a few weeks, the IUF will begin a new membership program. While membership fees have been collected in the past, our new program will help in the process of bringing unicyclists together all over the world. Some highlights of the program:
– Each individual membership will last for a two year period.
– Any competitor or non-competitor wishing to participate in UNICON will be required to be members of the IUF.
– Membership dues will be collected on our website (iufinc.org) once the UNICON XVI Registration commences.
– Individuals who are not registering for UNICON XVI may become members of the IUF at a future date, TBD.

Membership fee will allow for:
(1) Seed money for UNICON hosts;
(2) Development of unicycling around the world;
(3) Further convention aspect of UNICON;
(4) Creation of an IUF Publication;
(5) D & O Insurance for Executive Board;
(6) Expansion of online resources and database

Upon becoming a member of the IUF, an individual will:
(1) Be able to participate in UNICON (if qualified through country method) and other IUF-sponsored events;
(2) Receive a quarterly electronic newsletter;
(3) Obtain a IUF Membership card and ID;
(4) Connect with unicyclists from around the world through an international resource database;
(5) Test for the International Unicycling Federation Skill Levels;
(6) Support the development and growth of unicycling around the world.

More information will be available soon.

Thanks again for your support of the IUF and the sport of unicycling across the globe.

Warm Wishes,

President | International Unicycling Federation


  1. August 19, 2011

    Thanks for the update. Very informational!

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