Skill Level Prototypes, 4th Editions

We have been worked on the next skill level prototypes, here they are:

Extreme Levels

Extreme Levels III

Freestyle Levels

These are a merge of the former Freestyle Levels II and III. The contents differ in spins. See the graph in the yellow area.

Freestyle Levels IV – (German) – (Graph) – (Graph print version)
Freestyle Levels V – (German) – (Graph) – (Graph print version)
Freestyle Levels VI – (German) – (Graph) – (Graph print version)

Please tell us what you think about the prototypes and the other ideas included in this post. Feedback is gathered until 17th of october. There are many ways for you to submit your feedback (choose the right one for you):

New unicycle Skill Levels @ RSU
Neue Skill Levels Thread @ (German)
Neue Skill Levels @
New Unicycle Skill Levels Facebook Group


  1. October 7, 2010
    Bill Holloway

    I like what I see.

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