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  • August 10, 2017

    ECU in Sittard / Netherlands – New World Records

    The European Championship is over and it was an amazing event. Thanks to the organizing team for all their work!
    During ECU some new World Records were set.

    Our congratulation to:

    Gert-Jan De Vleeschouwer – IUF Slalom – 17.60s
    Niklas Wojtek, Simon Rodler, Andreas Richter, Noah Leber – 4×100 Meter – 50.71s
    Ana Schrödinger – Stillstand – 1h 49min 08.37s
    Ana Schrödinger – Slow Forward – 2min 56s 02
    York Beese – Slow Backwards – 1min 03s 08
    Lisa Maria Hanny – Long Jump – 327cm

    Thanks to IUF World Records Committee member Mirjam Lips for reporting all of these records.

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  • March 7, 2017

    IUF Newsletter No 1 2017

    Hello Unicycle community, we thought it was time to give you an update about what’s going on with the IUF and in the unicycling world. Included in this short newsletter are announcements, along with a few requests for you:

    IUF Board election 2017

    Every 2 years the IUF completes our Board elections and it is once again time for this. During the IUF Public meeting at the past Unicon we already asked for applicants and we wanted to give another chance for you to apply to be on the Board. We are always looking for new active members of the Board. Applicants should be interested in unicycling and in administration as well. A good level in English is very helpful and you should be available multiple times a year for online meetings which are often at strange times, since the Board is spread around the world.

    If you are seriously interested in becoming a member of the IUF Board of Directors, please send an application to by the 26 March 2017. The application should include: who you are, what kind of experience you have, and what your motivation is to become a Board member.

    European Championships 2017

    The 2017 unicycle season has already begun with EUC 2017 winter edition last weekend (with a new Platform High Jump World Record!) Coming up this summer the official European Championships will be hosted in the Netherlands. If you have already signed up, be happy and excited until it starts. If not, you should hurry to sign up in time. You can find all the details about the EC here:

    Don’t miss it, enjoy it!

    Unicon 19

    As you probably already know, the next Unicon will be hosted in Seoul, South Korea. The Koreans are working on it every day along with support from the IUF by Ken Looi (Board member and Unicon 15 host) and Jenni Rinker, who are supporting them as best as possible. Right now, they are working on the homepage to make it available in several languages, so make sure to check out every now and then as to not miss any information. You can also follow their Facebook page here: We are looking forward to another exciting Unicon in 2018, see you there!

    Unicon 20

    Unicon 19 is still more than a year away but Unicon 20 will be something special. It’s the 20th Unicon which will be held in the year 2020, and it could be YOU who could host this amazing triple 20 event. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about it, and send us your proposal if you think Unicon 20 in 2020 should happen in your area. You are also welcome to contact us with questions about how to host or what is involved in hosting the event. In fact even if you do not have a proposal ready, we would be happy to hear about any interest by anyone who is considering hosting in 2020. Proposals should be submitted by the end of 2017.

    We probably forgot to mention something, but we have to save some content for Newsletter No 2 as well!

    Best regards,
    Your IUF Executive Board

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  • August 25, 2016

    IUF Committees 2016

    In just a few weeks we will be starting three committees:
    • IUF Rulebook Committee 2016: After each Unicon, a new IUF Rulebook Committee is formed to develop the next version of the IUF rules. If you are interested in changing the current rules, or creating new ones, this is the committee for you.
    • IUF Age Group Committee 2016: This committee is being formed to help standardize the age groups that are used at IUF competitions. This will be a very small committee.
    • IUF World Record Committee 2016: The IUF World Record Guidelines were established in 2011 but it’s time for them to be updated. That’s what this committee is for.
    If you are interested in being on any of these committees in any form, please follow the link below to request to be on a committee. Note: you must submit the form once for each of the three committees you are interested in being on.

    IUF Committees 2016 registration
    You must submit your response by Sunday, September 11th at the latest.

    Filling out the survey above is concerned an application and it does not guarantee you a spot on a committee.

    If you have any questions, please email

    Please send this information on to anyone who might be interested.


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  • July 30, 2016

    First World Records during Unicon 18

    Yesterday we got the first new World Records in Donostia, congratulations to the riders! Here are the new records and who did them:
    Track Coasting:
    Male: Knut Steffens (Germany) 177.6m Donostia, Spain July 2016
    Female: Lisa-Maria Hanny (Germany) 170.3m Donostia, Spain July 2016

    1hr Unlimited
    Female: Mirjam Lips (Switzerland) 27.027km Donostia, Spain July 2016

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  • February 26, 2016

    New World Records

    Congratulations to Mary Wegscheider, Mike Taylor and Aiden Teleki for beating the existing Records in Highjump on Plattform while the WInter EUC 2016. So the femal World Record is now at 0,87 Meter and the male World Record is at 1,38 Meter.

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  • January 11, 2015

    IUF Trixionary

    I’m glad to announce the Trixionary is online and available to all unicyclists. The Trixionary is an online catalog to structure skills. Along with a trick many properties are saved, that describe each trick and also it’s relationship to other tricks. These relationships are very interessting and the graph is definitely a highlight of the Trixionary. Multimedia is supported through pictures and videos. Youtube and Vimeo are integrated out of the box and videos can also be uploaded manually. These videos can either demonstrate a trick or contain a tutorial to help visitors with learning instructions.

    Here are some examples that showcase the Trixionary very well:

    • Spin – This is the most complete example of almost all properties that are archiveable per trick at the moment.
    • Hickflip – Ever wondered of which parts all these Urban tricks are composed of? The Trixionary takes care of this.
    • Unispin – A trick with multiples? No problem.
    • Crankflip – Video and tutorial from Youtube.

    Please remember, this is an early version of the Trixionary, with also limited features. That means, at the moment there is only limited access for people who are able to edit the contents in the Trixionary. Though we are working on this and unicyclists who participated in the last two unicons will become access to the Trixionary later the year.
    For some features I was unsure how to correctly implement them. E.g. transitions are not shown in the graph at the moment. Transitions are tricks where the start and end position are different, here are some examples: Riding to 1ft riding, 90° Unispin, Backspin, 1ft Wheel Walk to Standwalk, … Though some of them are considered to more a transition than others in regards to different understandings. As such some transitions can be shown immediately when the graph loads others when you select a trick in the graph and then there may still be some more types of transitions. How to determine which of these transitions can be shown and how can this work? These are for sure sport scientific questions yet most of the functionality in the Trixionary is available because prior questions like these have been answered.

    Feedback is heartly welcomed. Please head over to the contact formular and send your inquiry.

    Benefits of the Trixionary

    At the IUF we have more plans on what we want to use the Trixionary for.

    • A place to collect and structure tricks, where interessted people can easily get the information they are looking for.
    • Help people learn unicycling by building a huge resource.
    • Education! This is a highly requested and wanted topic within the IUF. The Trixionary will become an important role here. Expect more plans on this later the year.
    • Science. The Trixionary is also a science tool. With all the properties saved, this allows certain operations to be handled with the Trixionary. Ever wondered about the difficulty of a trick? This question is unanswered, though with the Trixionary we have a chance to come closer to an answer.

    History of the Trixionary

    I would like to talk a little bit about the history of the Trixionary because it’s a long journey to where it is now. The first Trixionary was published in 2006 in german on with a bigger update in 2010 after I become a unicycle freestyle coach and discovered some properties that tricks shared and connected them. The technical backend on is outdated and had no future for further development. The IUF Trixionary is completely written from scratch on a new plattform called keeko. Also more research happened since 2010 which resulted in a write-up about structures in unicycling skills (german) in 2012. The IUF Trixionary is able to save all these new properties. More about the Trixionary can be read on my personal website (german) and an older blog post I wrote about the Trixionary (side-fact: the blog post from august 2012 mentions the re-release of the Trixionary at the IUF).

    I am proud and happy to release the Trixionary, the power it offers, the ways we plan to use it at the IUF and of course a place for unicyclists to get information about tricks.


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  • September 4, 2014

    Your picture on our website

    We would like to ask YOU to provide us some nice unicycle related pictures for our website. Your picture will appear then on our start page so if you like to send us a picture, make sure that you have the legal rights for it and also add in the email, you send to us, your permission for the IUF to use it on the IUF website. Please send your picture to contact (at)
    We wont be able to show all pictures at the same time but will rotate them time by time so yours should appear earlier or later.
    Many thanks in advance!

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