IUF Rulebook Committee 2022/2023

March 27, 2023

After every Unicon, a new IUF Rulebook Committee is created. This committee works to develop the next version of the IUF Rulebook. If you wish to join the 2022/23 rulebook committee, this message is for you.

The rulebook committee will be divided in sub-committees:

  • Main Committee
  • Freestyle
  • X-Style
  • Muni
  • Road Racing
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Track
  • Flatland
  • Street
  • Trials
  • Jumps
  • Age Groups

Inside each committee, knowledgeable people will submit proposals to edit, remove or add new rules. As these rules pass, they will be sent to the main committee where they will be approved, edited or sent back to the sub-committee.

If you are interested to join the 2022/23 IUF Rulebook Committee, please fill out the form with the link below.


Important dates:

2 April 2023: committees begin discussions
22 April 2023: last day to join one of the committees

Additionally, there is a Skill Level Committee which works independently of the Rulebook Committee and has already started to work. You can also join it by following the same link above.

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