Rulebook Committee 2012

September 11, 2012

Unicon is over now so it’s time to start the new rulebook committee. This year we will run it a bit different from the years before and I will try to explain the new system here.

The rulebook committee is responsible for all new rules / changes of existing rules every two years after Unicon. The members of the committee are typically people who take part at several Unicons and many other conventions and/or also host several conventions. There exist a member limit per country to keep it international balanced. Unfortunately it is not always balanced in disciplines and some disciplines are usually very bad represented. So we need an improvement to solve especially the last point.

So this time we will have the committee as it was before but we will add around several expert groups which are dedicated to the disciplines. Each of this groups will have a head who is part of the rulebook committee. Via this head, the proposals people develop and vote for in the expert group, will be implemented in the committee including the voting result.
Those expert groups have no limits in the number of members or where they come from. The Members only should be skilled in the discipline they are discussing about. There will be a board where each expert group has its own thread to discuss about their proposals.A proposal from an expert group which had a larger number of members (let’s say 25 or more) and get an 2/3 majority will be only approved then on possible major problems in the rule change and generally should pass with no doubt. If we found some major problems it will be send back to the expert group within the comment to discuss there the problem we found to solve it or argue why it should stay as it is.
A proposal from an expert group with a majority of 51% will be discussed again in the committee and maybe can fail or it will be also send back to the group with comments to think about.
This system should make sure that much more people can work on the rules and also that each discipline will be develop by experts. We think that you, the riders, will find then next time rules which fit better to your needs because you develop them 🙂
Maybe I should add some words about a proposal and how it should be structured.
Usually you have to take the rule you want to change as base and so copy and paste it from the rulebook to your proposal thread. Then you should write some words why you want to change it and what you would like to change and finally you have to write down the new rule in the way you want it. Then the discussion starts and following the arguments, you can change the final version as often as needed. Finally the voting starts and you see if people like what you propose. If you listen to all arguments and follow the good ones, you should have a proposal then which get a majority voting.
Those proposals have then also to pass the committee but as I point out before, we will not start to discuss them again, we just approve them from host aspects and security aspects and then they should pass or come back to you for good reasons.Actually we preparing the Software for it which should be done soon but we are already looking for people that want to join the rulebook committee itself or one of that expert groups.
So if you are interested in in joining the rulebook committee itself, send an email to where you declare your skills and which convention you joined and which you hosted and where you are from … Also let me know if you are interested to be a head of an expert group and if yes, which group and why (please all as a short statement, I have to read it all 😉 ).
If you are interested to join an expert group, also send an email to and let me know which discipline you are interested in and why.

Many thanks for attention!