• September 11, 2014

    Rulebook Committee 2014

    Unicon is over now so it’s time to start the new rulebook committee. After each Unicon, a new IUF Rulebook Committee is formed to develop the next version of the IUF rules. If you are interested in changing the current rules or creating new ones, please read on.

    The members of the committee are typically people who have takes part at several Unicons and many other conventions and/or also hosted several conventions.  …

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  • September 4, 2014

    Your picture on our website

    We would like to ask YOU to provide us some nice unicycle related pictures for our website. Your picture will appear then on our start page so if you like to send us a picture, make sure that you have the legal rights for it and also add in the email, you send to us, your permission for the IUF to use it on the IUF website. Please send your picture to contact (at) unicycling.org
    We wont be able to show all pictures at the same time but will rotate them time by time so yours should appear earlier or later.
    Many thanks in advance!

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  • September 3, 2014

    World Records updated

    Ken updated the World Record list today based on the result lists provided by the Unicon host. You find the updated list here: iuf-world-records

    We also want to congratulate all World Champions and Age Group winners to their great results while Unicon 17. Beside of all those great results, 16 World Records was broken, WOW!!!

    Please check the list and inform us in case you find an error.

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  • July 22, 2014

    IUF related Workshops at Unicon 17

    Hey guys,

    David Weichenberger and me have prepared Workshops for Unicon 17 that are related to IUF topics and we would like to invite you to come and join us. The IUF meeting is too short to cover all what we want to talk about, so we created several workshops for certain topics. This is also an opportunity to have face-to-face discussion about rulebook topics (such as agegroups), that will save us a lot of time reading and writing afterwards.

    Unicon 17 Workshops are available on lanyrd: http://lanyrd.com/2014/unicon17/

    The Workshops may change in time and date, so please follow each link below to get the time, date and place.

    Grow the IUF

    I am IUF.

    You are IUF.

    We are IUF.

    Make the IUF to become dynamic and supported by all Unicyclist. All together we move towards our IUF-goals of a better unicycling sport.

    Join us for a discussion on how to change the IUF. Please provide ideas and worries you have about the IUF. Your Feedback is heard!

    Link to the Workshop: http://lanyrd.com/2014/unicon17/sdcdzr/

    Unicycling Spirit & Olympics

    You all know the unicycling spirit and this is for sure one of the reasons to visit Unicon. With Olympics in mind, where there can only one discipline become olympic – will this be a good idea? What are better alternatives.

    David has something to say about this. We bet you too! Join us and share your thoughts with other unicyclists.

    Link to the Workshop: http://lanyrd.com/2014/unicon17/sdcdzt/

    New Freestyle Judging System (Prototype ready!)

    After a couple of years of research and understanding freestyle, gossi created a new prototype for a freestyle judging system. It’s been written from scratch to really honour the sport achievement of freestylers.

    This talk will include:
    – Explaining freestyle – the way it really is
    – A short analysis on the current freestyle judging system and what it actually judges (hint: decorations)
    – Introduce the prototype
    – How to develop and improve the prototype after unicon
    – Discussion round afterwards

    Link to the Workshop: http://lanyrd.com/2014/unicon17/sdbxdx/

    Unicycling Rules & Development

    Developing Rules is a complex and endurance process with a high risk to get something wrong very easily. Unicycling rules never shined in their development, yet we are testing our rules at world championships. There is a high need to change that process, to deliver stable, reliable and tested rules for unicyclists.

    Join in to learn what’s necessary for developing rules and discuss with all attendees ideas on how to develop next generation unicycling rules.

    Link to the Workshop: http://lanyrd.com/2014/unicon17/sdcdzw/

    Age Groups Redesign & Kids Oriented Unicycling

    Why would the IUF prescribe age groups? Is it to distribute the available awards evenly across the age spectrum of participants? Or is it to honour/acknowledge the inherent differences in physical capabilities that depend upon age? Or perhaps a bit of both? Either way, have age group boundaries been based on scientific analysis? Also, would we want to extend the age groups to the “older” age brackets? If so, how? And should age group boundaries perhaps be the same from event to event, and/or between disciplines?

    The IUF Board have requested Klaas Bil and Benoit Gonneville Damme to organise this workshop at Unicon to establish an “Age Group Redesign” committee. This committee should work together remotely during the remainder of 2014 to fundamentally address all age group issues, and hopefully report their conclusions and recommendations to the IUF Board early 2015. We seek interested participants!

    But wait, there is more. David works himself into a very interessting and uprising topic, which is kids oriented sports. Originally developed for athletics in germany and because of its succcess instantly adopted by soccer, wrestling, gymnastics and more are joining in. The revolutionary, remarkable and brilliant concept behind this idea, is to create events for kids which support their natural growth by setting up relevant competitions, giving them a proper education. It’s also time for unicyclists to jump on that train and work out competitions that work for young unicyclists instead of working against them, hindering their education. Of course, as you might already guessed, this also has a huge impact on age groups as well.

    Links to the Workshop: http://lanyrd.com/2014/unicon17/sdcdzx/

    IUF Meeting

     The biannual IUF meeting at Unicon with news and updates.

    Link to the Workshop: http://lanyrd.com/2014/unicon17/sdcfgw/


    That’s it. We are heavily excited about Unicon, to meet interessting people and watch high quality unicycling. See you in Montreal!


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  • July 3, 2014

    European Championship 2015

    Based on the request of many riders and national federations the IUF Board decide last year that national and continental championships should be able to get the status to be an official IUF recognized championship. So we can announce now the first official European Championship UNIOEC 2015.
    This event will happen in the first two weeks of August 2015 in Mondovi/Italy. You can find a first overview about the event here. The registratgion will open after Unicon.

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  • May 31, 2014

    Unicon 17

    Hello fellow unicyclists,

    With the closing of the Unicon 17 registration system coming soon, your dear organizers would like to take a moment to make some important reminders. If you have to read one newsletter from us, it is definitely this one… but you should still have a look at the first 10!


    In order to give you more time to check and edit your registration profiles if necessary, we decided to extend the last registration period until June 14th, midnight Montréal Time.

    After this date, you will no longer be able to register for the event or update your registration information (personal information, competitions information). Remember that the date of birth provided will determine your age group for the events you compete in. Since no major updates to your registration will be accepted on site during Unicon, this is your last chance to register or withdraw from competitions.


    The Unicon 17 website has been updated with the official IUF and Unicon 17 rules for easy reference. It is very important that you take a moment to read about those rules and comply with them during your competitions. Not wearing the required protection or not having the appropriate unicycle for your competition could lead to you being disqualified.


    Age groups for Track and Field, Road Racing, Freestyle, Trials, Speed Trials and Jumps will be determined after analyzing registrations. Preliminary startlists for these disciplines should be available shortly after the closing of the online registration. Please note that Muni, Team Sports, Street, Flatland and Slopestyle Street have categories independent from age groups and are therefore already determined by the 2013 Competition Rulebook.


    We strongly suggest that you take the time to visit the Unicon 17 schedule on our website to be familiar with the latest changes that might have occurred in your disciplines.


    We invite people who are still looking for cheap lodging to check out our newsletter regarding the official accommodation center. There are about 40 spots still available.

    We would like to remind participants who will be experiencing the most extraordinary atmosphere of a Unicon, namely our accommodation center, that camp beds are available to rent for the duration of your stay to make it even more unforgettable.


    It is with great pleasure that we are unveiling the design of the Unicon 17 transit passes created in partnership with the Société de transport de Montréal. For those who proudly decided to go green this summer, this special card, named Rendez-vous Montréal, is a unique souvenir to bring back from your visit to Montréal.
    You can now buy multiple passes with one registration! This means that parents and friends traveling with you to Montreal can now have access to this great discount through you! Add as many passes as you like and let them experience your host city like true Montréalers by discovering the city’s underground networks and its efficient bus system in comfort and speed.

    This transit pass grants you access to the STM network (buses and subways) for a duration of 14 days and is available on our registration website at a discounted price only available for Unicon 17 participants. These transit passes will NOT be available on site at this discounted price, so don’t miss this chance to explore Montréal at your own pace at this incredibly low price of $34.50 CAD (including taxes and Unicon administration fees)!
    Please note that the STM is granting all Unicon participants access to the whole Montreal public transport system at all times, with the condition that the unicycles are inside unicycle bags. If your unicycles are not carried in a proper bag, you will not be able to take the buses with it at anytime or use the subways during the rush hours. The rush hours are from the opening of the metro to 10.00, and from 15.00 to 19.00, during the weekdays.

    Follow the links, check your registration profile and start packing your stuff for the biggest unicycle event of the year… two months to go.

    Ride on,

    The Unicon 17 Organization Team

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  • February 17, 2014

    Unicon 16 Freestyle Videos

    Dear Unicyclists,

    It’s been a long time since Unicon 16 and Unicon 17 comes into sight. In Brixen the guys from unicycle.tv recorded tons of footage from all disciplines, the whole footage has a size of incredible 700 GB and has a very good video quality (1080p @ 25fps with 35-40 MBps). Jess Riegel made an exceptional documentary with that material. However, I realized a big pile of footage was untouched. In september 2013 I decided to look into it, because I (as a freestyler) was interessted in the routines from Unicon 16. The raw videos are great and it is a pity nobody breathed life into it. I m always looking forward to great freestyle videos and started editing right away. …

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  • December 29, 2013

    Unicon 17 “Early Bird” Registration Periods ends

    Hello fellow unicyclists,

    It is with excitement that we would like to remind you that the first registration period for Unicon 17 is ending in less than 2 days. We urge you to go register and to pay your registration fees before December 31st if you are planning on attending the event. After this date, registration prices will go up.

    Unicon 17 currently has a little more than 800 unicyclists registered to take part in this incredible event, sharing a passion for one wheel. Come and join them to discover next summer our beautiful city of Montréal!

    You can register online here: http://unicon17.ca/en/registration

    What else? In early 2014, you can expect more venues announcement, accommodation updates, country limitations adjustments and much more.

    We would like to wish you all happy holidays!

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