Unicon Registration

September 9, 2013

The Unicon registration will be open VERY soon so you should check out http://unicon17.ca/ up from now to sign in as soon as possible. The Orga Crew work very hard to provide you the Unicon 17 reasonably priced which is pretty hard in a big Metropole like Montreal. They also find a solution to offer accomodation for arround 1000 participants together in one building which include gyms and social rooms and all that direct besdie the main venues.
This Unicon Orga committee work with a complete transparent Budget so once Unicon is over you will be able to see where every Cent of you end up finaly. Be sure your money is invested 100% to provide you 12 days in Montreal you will never forget 🙂 They make it also possible to reduce again the limits which only exist for Freestyle (but allow more riders then in Italy) and for track races (while its 95% sure that we don’t need them in the end there). For details please contact your national federation or the IUF or the Unicon OK. As accompanying document you can also find the final version of the IUF rulebook 2013 in our publication section.

See you then in 11 month in Montreal!