New Skill Levels arrive in the first week of June

Hi everybody,

the IUF Skill Level Committee has finished the requirements for new Levels. Based on them, we will see different implementations, which I am really excited about. The first drafts will arrive in the first week of June. We are also really excited what the public will say about them. We are looking forward to your Feedback. This is how to get in contact with us:

  • If you have a Facebook-Account then you can join the New IUF Skill Levels Group, where I will frequently post about updates.
  • The second option is to follow the IUF on Twitter, where I will post updates as well.
  • You can send me an email, and I will put you on a list, where I will push updates, too.

Working transparency is very important to me, though you are given the ability to watch over our shoulder while we are working. Read the Skill Level Forums, where we are discussing varios topics at the moment.

Best regards

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