Skill Level Development Committee started

Hey everybody,

I just want to inform you, that the Skill Level Development Committee has started working. I will keep you informed about the progress via the IUF Blog. These are the members that will create new skill levels:

  • Australia – David Buchanan
  • Australia/USA – Jamey Mossengren
  • Denmark – Emma Liisberg
  • Denmark – Katja Nielsen
  • Denmark – Signe Gjerding Jensen
  • France – Adrien Delecroix
  • Germany – Felix Dietze
  • Germany – Thomas Gossmann (chairman)
  • Germany – Moritz Hahn
  • Germany – Wolfgang Schaper
  • Japan – Haruko Matsunaga
  • Japan – Mayumi Sakaino
  • Japan – Yuka Sakaino
  • Japan – Hiroyuki Shoji
  • USA – Ryan Woessner
  • USA – Connie Cotter

Here is our plan:

  1. Requirements phase: We start with 2 month collecting requirements.
  2. Prototyping phase: We are prototyping our requirements and listen to public feedback. Hang on the updates of this blog to receive your copy.
  3. Implementation phase: Based on the public feedback in the prototyping phase we are ready to finish this package.

What you ever wanted to see in the skill levels, contact one of the members above,  that we receive your requirement.

Best regards

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