Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a lot of questions answered that may help you out:

Where do I get my IUF-ID?

In case you don't get an email after the signup process, you can find your IUF-ID online.

I lost my Password, where to get a new one?

You can request a new password online.

I payed, but didn't get an IUF-ID - What?

A miracle appeared between the way back from Paypal to the IUF Sign up process. You can still find out your IUF-ID.

I have an IUF-ID but didn't payed - Don't you want your money?

Sure we want. Please pay here.

Now that I have my IUF-ID how do I get it into my Unicon signup?

Sign in to your Unicon Account and list your registration. Now click on the "IUF ID Not Found" button to enter your password and verify your IUF-ID. See screenshot below:

I still have a question, where to go?

Send us an email to .