In 2011, the International Unicycling Federation initiated an official membership program. Below is information on how to become a member of the IUF and the benefits of the program.

Upon becoming a member of the IUF, an individual will:

  • Be able to participate in Unicon (if qualified through country method) and other IUF-sponsored events.
  • Receive a quarterly electronic newsletter.
  • Obtain a personalized IUF Membership ID and website login access.
  • Connect with unicyclists from around the world through an international resource database.
  • Test for the International Unicycling Federation Skill Levels.

Your membership fee will allow for:

  • Promotion of the various unicycling disciplines.
  • Seed money for Unicon hosts.
  • Development of unicycling around the world.
  • Furthering the convention aspect of Unicon.
  • Directors & Officers Insurance for the IUF Executive Board.
  • Expansion of online resources and databases.


Each individual Membership will cost 10 Euros per two years. You will be able to extend your membership on our website at that time (you will be notified of your expiration date via email).